The Rescue of Shanitah

The Rescue of Shanitah – Albino Rescue Project The rescue of a little girl with albinism being held by a witch doctor who used her for blood-letting in “magic” rituals sounds like a Hollywood movie, but the trafficking of albino body parts is a far too real human tragedy. by Michael Sabiiti County Director, Humanity […]


Albino Project Update – March 2014

Albino Project – Short Term Success with Long Term Hopes It has been three months since Humanity Healing International launched the Albino Rescue project and it has grown.  We have added 5 more children to the project and the 14 school age children are all happily attending classes in safe environments. The 15th child is […]


Help 10 African Albino Children Saved from Sacrifice

Help relocate 10 rescued Albino Children in Uganda to a secure area, enroll them in a safe school and give them freedom from the fear of being sacrificed. Sacrifice of Albino Children is Still a Reality in Africa In late December 2013, Humanity Healing International identified 14 albino children on the run from traffickers who […]


Successful Conclusion of Vocational Training Center Project

Humanity Healing International is very excited to announce the successful conclusion of the Vocational Training Center pilot project located at Future Victory School in Uganda and its withdrawal from active participation with the existing program. The Vocational Training Center was the first project launched by Humanity Healing Network as it expanded out the House of […]

Vocational Training with Goats

67 Families Gifted with Cassava Cuttings

The Vocational Training Project at Future Victory School, the school Humanity Healing International supports in Uganda, continues to grow.  This season, the special high-yield, extra-hardy hybrid cassava we introduced to the region has continued to produce extremely well.  There was enough yield to share cuttings for 67 new families in the area. One of the […]

FVS-Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines Arrive At Vocational Training Center

Our first shipment of sewing machines for the Pads for Schoolgirls Project has arrived at the Vocational Training Center at Future Victory School in Uganda.  As you can see in the pictures, the students are very excited. In case you are wondering why these are the old style treadle type sewing machines, the answer is […]

Pad Kits Arrive 1

First Pads for Schoolgirls Kits Arrive in Uganda

In March, the first shipment of Pad Kits for the Pads for Schoolgirls program arrived at Future Victory School in Uganda. As you can see, the girls were excited to receive them. The Pads for Schoolgirls Project has different facets.  The first phase of the project includes the shipment of Pad Kits made both professionally […]


Uganda Burdened with High Drug-Resistant TB

March 24 was World TB Awareness Day Article by Halima Athumani Multidrug-resistant TB cases are still on the rise in Uganda. The Ministry of Health blames this on the high cost of TB drugs and resultant shortages. The misdiagnosis and overdosing of people with tuberculosis continues to be the largest cause of multidrug-resistant TB in […]

Cassava Project - Vocational Training Center - FVS

HHI Helps Insure Regional Food Security

HHI helps insure regional food security through the Cassava Project of the Vocational Training Program Humanity Healing International is excited to share the good news from our vocational training / model farm project located at Future Victory School in Uganda.  This report is shared by Wilson Ngobi, the Administrative Director of the school. Cassava Project […]

Pads for Schoolgirls Pad Kit

First Shipment of Pad Kits Head to Uganda

We are excited to share that the first shipment of Pad Kits has been sent to Uganda.  These will be given to the first group of girls as well as used as a physical model. Our Gratitude to Dea Viola of the Baby Flamingo Co for the design and manufacture of the kits.  Our goal […]

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